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Privacy Statement

Privacy statement

This is the website from Duca del Cosma

Our head office address is:
Raadhuislaan 4
3633 AR Vreeland
The Netherlands

Our postal address is:
Raadhuislaan 4
3633 AR Vreeland
The Netherlands

Our company registration number is: 65944399
Our VAT registration number is: NL856327487B01

For every visit to our website, our web server recognizes your domain name, not your e-mail address.

At your visit to our website we will save the following information:

  1. Your email address when you communicate this with us
  2. The domain name from other websites that you have used to reach our website
  3. All information on the pages of our website that you have looked at
  4. All information that you have voluntarily provided us (for example research information and/or site registration).

This information will be used later on to contact you for marketing purposes. The information will only be use internally and will not be passed on to third parties for commercial purposes.

On this website, we make use of cookies. We make use of cookies to:

  1. Registrate your preferences
  2. To gather information on your actions, for instance, gathering information on what you put in the shopping basket
  3. Information registration that is your liking to you, for instance, web pages that you have used to go to our website.
  4. To inform you of items during your next visit that could be of interest to you
  5. To registrate your earlier actions on our website to be able to service you better during your next visit to our webstore.

Currently, we have no partnership or special relations with third parties on the internet. 


  1. If we hand over or receive your personal information on our website, we always use coding technology that is renowned as proper standards within the IT-Sector.
  2. If we receive or hand over certain critical information, like financial information, we will use a secure server. You will be informed of this via a separate window that will pop-up on our website.
  3. We have taken the necessary safety actions to avoid the loss of data, the unrightfully usage of information and or changing any of the information that we have received on our website.

If you would like to have more information or leave a reaction regarding our privacy policy please contact us at: support@ducadelcosma.com or via post at:

Duca del Cosma B.V.
Raadhuislaan 4
3633 AR Vreeland
The Netherlands 

About communication via email

If you no longer wish to be contacted by us, then please contact us through the above-mentioned email address or unsubscribe from our newsletter through your personal account.

Our customer support will only contact you via telephone if this is necessary, regarding internet orders that the customer has placed.

Our company can use the customer information for new purposes that have not yet been divided in our Privacy policy. In that case, we will be contacting our customer base prior to using the customer information for new purposes, to inform the customer of our new changes in the protection of personal information and to allow a customer to refuse participation.

On requests from our customer, we can allow them access to all their personal information that we have gathered from them. If you wish to access your information, please contact the above-mentioned address.

Upon request, we allow our customer the opportunity to change incorrect information that we keep stored away. If you wish to correct your personal details, then please contact the above-mentioned address.

If you feel that our website is not in correspondence with our privacy policy, please contact the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens in Den Haag.

Vreeland, 2018

Duca del Cosma
Raadhuislaan 4
3633AR Vreeland
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)85 250 00 10
E: info@ducadelcosma.com

Company registration number: 65944399
VAT registration number: NL856327487B01